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Thermoplastic Polyurethane Paint Protection Film 7.5Mil Thickness Easy To Install

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Paint Protection Film 7.5Mil Thickness Easy To Install

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Paint Protection Film

7.5Mil Thickness Paint Protection Film

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Product Details
Easy To Install:
Design Style:
Car Body Wrapping
Stain Resistance:
Uv Resistance:
5 Years
Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details
Delivery Time
7 days
Payment Terms
T/T Paypal
Product Description

Easy To Install 7.5 Mil ThermoplasticPolyurethanePaintProtectionFilm Thickness 7.5 Mil

Product Description:

TPU Paint Protection Film

Introducing our new Cyberpunk Design TPU Paint Protection Film, specially designed to provide ultimate protection for your vehicle while adding a touch of futuristic style.

Design Style: Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk is a popular design style that combines technology and a gritty, futuristic aesthetic. Our TPU Paint Protection Film features a unique cyberpunk design that will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

UV Resistance: Yes

Our TPU Paint Protection Film is specially formulated to resist harmful UV rays, preventing your vehicle's paint from fading or becoming discolored over time.

Thickness: 7.5 Mil

At 7.5 mil, our protective paint clear film provides a sturdy barrier against scratches, debris, and other potential damage to your vehicle's paint.

Glue: Imported Glue

Our TPU Film uses only the highest quality imported glue, ensuring a strong and secure bond to your vehicle's surface for long-lasting protection.

Customizable: Yes

We understand that every vehicle is unique, which is why our TPU Paint Protection Film is customizable. You can choose from a variety of sizes and designs to fit your vehicle's specific needs.

Key Features:
  • Protective Paint Clear Film
  • Clearbra Paint Protection Film
  • Scratch Resistant TPU Paint Film
  • Durable TPU Film
  • UV Resistant TPU Film
  • Imported Glue TPU Film

Don't wait until your vehicle's paint is damaged - protect it with our TPU Paint Protection Film today. Upgrade your vehicle's style and protection with our Cyberpunk Design TPU Film.



  • Product Name: TPU Paint Protection Film
  • Car Film Odm: YES
  • Easy To Install: Yes
  • Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Usage: Car Paint Protection
  • Key Features:
    • Flexible
    • Self-Healing
    • Protective
    • Paint Clear Film

Technical Parameters:

Product Name TPU Paint Protection Film
Base Film Thickness 150μm
Durability 5 Years
Usage Car Paint Protection
Easy To Install Yes
Customizable Yes
Application Car Body Wrapping
Stain Resistance Yes
Car Film Odm YES
Design Style Cyberpunk
Car Film Oem YES
Key Features thinUrethanePaintProtectionFilm, thermoplasticPolyurethanePaintProtectionFilm, clearbraPaintProtectionFilm, TPUPaintProtectionFilm


TPU Paint Protection Film

Brand Name: Jingfilm

Place of Origin: China

Packaging Details: 160*20*20cm

Delivery Time: 7 days

Payment Terms: T/T Paypal

Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Easy To Install: Yes

Stain Resistance: Yes

Durability: 5 Years

Thickness: 7.5 Mil

Introducing the TPU Paint Protection Film by Jingfilm - the ultimate solution for protecting your vehicle's exterior. Made from high-quality thermoplastic polyurethane material, this glossy protective coating offers superior durability and long-lasting performance, ensuring your car stays in pristine condition for years to come.

Designed and manufactured in China, this TPU paint protection film is carefully packaged in a 160*20*20cm box and can be delivered to you in just 7 days. With flexible payment options such as T/T and Paypal, protecting your vehicle has never been easier.

Key Features:
  • Scratch-resistant TPU paint film
  • High temperature resistant
  • Self-healing technology
  • Effortless application
  • Reliable protection
  • Superior durability
Application and Scenarios:

The TPU Paint Protection Film is perfect for all automotive exterior protection needs. Whether you're a car enthusiast looking to keep your vehicle in pristine condition or a car owner looking to maintain the value of your investment, this product is perfect for you.

Imagine driving down the road with confidence, knowing that your car's paint is protected from scratches, stone chips, and UV damage. With our TPU paint film, this can become a reality. Its self-healing technology ensures that minor scratches and swirls disappear, leaving your car looking brand new. Plus, its high temperature resistance makes it perfect for use in all weather conditions.

Installation is a breeze with our easy-to-install film. Simply follow our instructions, and you'll have your car protected in no time. And with its stain-resistant properties, you can easily clean off any dirt or debris without worrying about damaging the film.

Don't settle for subpar protection for your vehicle. Trust in Jingfilm's TPU Paint Protection Film for reliable and superior protection. With a 5-year durability guarantee and a thickness of 7.5 mil, you can rest assured that your car's exterior will remain in pristine condition for years to come.



Jingfilm TPU Paint Protection Film Customization Service
Brand Name: Jingfilm
Place of Origin: China
Packaging Details: 160*20*20cm
Delivery Time: 7 days
Payment Terms: T/T Paypal
Customizable: Yes
Stain Resistance: Yes
Odm: YES
Usage: Car Paint Protection
Design Style: Cyberpunk

Introducing Jingfilm TPU Paint Protection Film, the ultimate solution for protecting your car's paint from scratches, chips, and other damages. Made from thermoplastic polyurethane, our clearbra paint protection film offers superior protection while maintaining the sleek and stylish look of your car.

At Jingfilm, we understand that every car owner has different needs and preferences. That's why we offer a customizable service to meet your specific requirements. From size and shape to color and design, we can create the perfect TPU paint protection film for your car.

Our TPU paint protection film is not only customizable, but it also boasts excellent stain resistance, ensuring that your car's paint stays flawless for longer. Plus, with its self-healing properties, any minor scratches or imperfections on the film will disappear on their own.

Whether you prefer a sleek and modern design or a bold and edgy cyberpunk look, our TPU paint protection film can be tailored to your desired design style. And with our fast delivery time of only 7 days, you can have your car protected and looking stylish in no time.

Choose Jingfilm TPU Paint Protection Film for the best protection and customization options for your car. Contact us now to get started!


Packing and Shipping:

TPU Paint Protection Film Packaging and Shipping

TPU Paint Protection Film is carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery and protection during shipping. Each roll of film is wrapped in protective plastic and placed in a sturdy cardboard box. The box is then sealed with tape to prevent any damage or tampering during transit.

For bulk orders, multiple rolls of film are packaged together in larger boxes or on pallets, depending on the quantity ordered.


We offer shipping options to fit your specific needs. Our standard shipping method is through reputable courier services such as UPS, FedEx, or DHL. The estimated delivery time will vary depending on your location, but we strive to ship all orders within 1-2 business days.

For urgent orders, we also offer expedited shipping options for an additional cost. Please contact us for more information and to arrange expedited shipping for your order.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking information so you can track the progress of your delivery. We take great care in packaging and shipping our products, but if there are any issues with your order upon arrival, please contact us immediately and we will work to resolve the issue.



  • Q: What is TPU Paint Protection Film? A: TPU Paint Protection Film is a type of protective film made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material to protect your vehicle's paint from scratches, stains, and other damages.
  • Q: What makes Jingfilm's TPU Paint Protection Film different? A: Jingfilm's TPU Paint Protection Film is made in China with high-quality TPU material, ensuring durability and long-lasting protection for your vehicle's paint.
  • Q: How does TPU Paint Protection Film protect my vehicle's paint? A: TPU Paint Protection Film has excellent abrasion resistance, impact resistance, and self-healing properties that can absorb scratches and prevent your vehicle's paint from being damaged.
  • Q: How long does it take to install TPU Paint Protection Film on my vehicle? A: The installation process for TPU Paint Protection Film typically takes around 7 days, depending on the size and complexity of your vehicle.
  • Q: What payment methods does Jingfilm accept for TPU Paint Protection Film? A: Jingfilm accepts T/T (bank transfer) and Paypal as payment methods for TPU Paint Protection Film.

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